Redline Instruments® Controls – Proven Protection for Eight Years in Tough Oil Field Environment by Attabox® Industrial Enclosures.

The Situation:

Redline Instruments® has 18 years combined experience in product design and applications in the gas and oil industry. Primary products include multi-channel monitors, alarms, and sensors to detect unwanted gas leaks. Products include Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), and Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) sensors.

Eight years ago, the company wanted to replace the current enclosure supplier with another because the quality of the products was not meeting the high-quality needs of the company’s oil and gas customers.

See the PDF Version of this Attabox Redline Case Study.

The Challenge:

The Redline Instruments® team knew, from prior experience, that metal was not the best option to protect wireless controls. Typically, to incorporate metal enclosures in wireless applications an antenna needs to be placed outside the box. External antenna have many downsides, including vulnerability to environmental elements such as corrosion, ferrous-oxide deterioration, and natural ambient interference coming from environmental forces. A great alternative for Wi-Fi applications are non-metallic materials such as polycarbonate or fiberglass because they enable electronic signals of transmit freely.

The team also wanted to find an enclosure that was tough enough to withstand the corrosive atmosphere of gasses such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). There are lots of options on the market place that meet those needs but the team wanted to find a higher-quality non-metallic enclosures as the current supplier was not up to par.


The engineering team reached out to a local Texas electrical representative to help them select a new supplier. In 2009, the representative introduced the team to Attabox® Industrial Enclosures, Heartland series. What struck the team most was the higher-quality of the Attabox enclosure.

 The quality of the Heartland series enclosure was visibly better than others I had also viewed.    Gary Keating, Redline Instruments


Proven eight-years strong and oil field tough.  Gary Keating, Redline Instruments

For the past eight years, Redline Instruments® has been using off-the-shelf options and Attabox® enclosures of various sizes. Today, the company continues to use Attabox enclosures because the enclosures have proven robust in tough oil and gas environment and are manufactured using the highest-quality materials and processes.

Attabox® is an innovative force in engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of polycarbonate and fiberglass enclosures. Attabox provides extremely high-quality engineered non-metallic NEMA-rated enclosures for the industrial, solar, electrical, telecommunications, HVAC, Instrumentation/ Control, government, Oil/ Gas, and construction markets. Attabox enclosures provide UL certified protections for the most extreme environments (impact, rain, sleet, wind, fire, UV, direct spray). Attabox Industrial Enclosures offer Proven Protection by Design! Attabox is a brand of Robroy Enclosures™ (a subsidiary of Robroy® Industries).

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