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Completely Sealed away from the Environment


Commander (CO) Series slim-line enclosures are designed from fiberglass-reinforced polyester and feature a continuous polyurethane gasket that provides the critically reliable, long-term protection of a complete environmental seal.


The Commander Series offers an all-polycarbonate product with blank covers and a choice of one-or-two-hole pushbutton openings for both 22mm and 30mm hardware. These enclosures include the external flush wall design, unobstructed sidewalls internally, polymer cover screws, watertight seal and other standard features of the Commander Series.

Commander Series enclosures, in a full range of sizes, are ideal for compact or portable control or simply as a small junction box.

Commander Series Fiberglass Enclosures are available in two cover versions:

The first style is a flush cover for unobstructed enclosure sides and a continuous cover gasket producing a watertight seal. Attributes include soft, rounded edges and virtually no pocket areas to trap dust or debris. These enclosures feature a mounting foot option versus bosses for a mounted back panel.

The second style offers a lift-off overhang cover design with molded-in panel mount inserts.

Both versions of the Commander Series enclosures feature a slim style with flush sidewalls. Both also include captive stainless steel cover screws.

Commander Series Attributes

  • Memory retaining continuous polyurethane gasket
  • Captive stainless steel cover screws on fiberglass option
  • Captive polymer cover screws on polycarbonate option
  • Chemically resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester or polycarbonate
  • Submersible, non corrosive, environmental design
  • High impact resistance